White Christmas BUNDLE! DVD + Hoodie! Apparel

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Snowing Hoodie and the Holiday Hang Out 2019 DVD!
The BIGGEST Hang Out in Lehigh Valley history! SIX huge wrestling matches, including the first ever TABLES LADDERS and CHAIRS match held at Sokols and the crowning of the inaugural Lehigh Valley Pierogi Champion!
Also included is the full BLUEPRINT set and a whopping 15 minutes of the now-legendary SNOWING set that had to be cut short because of feared structural collapse!
Wrestling filmed and dvds produced by Smart Mark Video.
Bands filmed by Feet First Productions (http://feetfirst.tv/)
Two color print on white 8oz soft pullover hoodies.
Art by JR "Brian" Renninger
Printed by the LVAC (xLVACx.com)