Movie Monster tee **PREORDER** (designed by Haunt Love/fundraiser for Mahoning Drive-in) Apparel


Y'all like monsters? Y'all like movies? Y'all like drive-ins? So do we! Let's celebrate all of those things with this glorious tee that our friend Justin at Haunt Love(.com) designed for us! The black shirts will be printed with white and glow-in-the-dark ink, green tees will be a simple black ink print.

The money from sales will be donated to the Mahoning Drive-in Theater, which is an old (romantically outdated) drive-in theater up in Lehighton and probably one of the coolest places in our neck of the woods. If you've never been, you should go up and get bit by some bugs one night this summer. (

Shirts will be sold on a *PRESALE* basis until July 1st. At that point, we will finalize the order and we will only print as many as we've sold. Don't email me next week and ask where your shirt is. Don't email me on July 2nd and ask if we have extra shirts. The money is being donated, and extra shirts means less money for the theater. Fulfillment should take about two weeks, so you'll likely receive your shirt around the *MIDDLE OF JULY*!

As always, printing by Lehigh Valley Apparel Creations. (