Martin - LP Vinyl


Between the first time Spraynard broke up and reformed, Pat Graham started a band called Martin w/ Todd (of the Headies) and Stefan (a generally swell person). They released one 7" via Square of Opp and delaware's De Nada Records, went on one tour, and then recorded a full length. By the time that recording was ready to go to a pressing plant, Spraynard was in the process of being resurrected and Pat no longer wanted to release it. The songs were bitter and the new band was going to take a back seat to reforming Spraynard, which actually just turned into a full dissolution. I kept nagging Pat, kept pleading to exorcise the demon that was the ill-fated, unreleased Martin LP. I got what I wanted and we're finally pressing the record.
It will not be repressed. Covers will be screened. 300 copies on split trash color vinyl.