Spirit of the Beehive LP Vinyl


Vinyl LP Released March 4, 2015
Cassette Released September 21, 2014

A1. Roll Over
A2. Short Walk
A3. Don't
A4. Tulsa, OK
A5. Ether
A6. White Weekend
B1. I Smell Bud
B2. Deep Focus
B3. You Want More
B4. Chump
B5. Fever Dream

300 Black LPs
100 Foggy Clear LPs (Ice Age Exclusive)
100 Opaque Orange LPs (Ranch Exclusive)

150 clear pro-dubbed cassettes with white imprinting in norelco boxes with full-color 3-panel fold-out j-cards.

Debut recording from Philly phreex. Eleven songs of reverb-soaked, droopy, drippy, lethargic, melancholy, fuzzed out post-punk.

Listen here:http://ranchjams.bandcamp.com/album/the-spirit-of-the-beehive