Snowing - I Could Do Whatever... LP All


Snowing - I Could Do Whatever I Wanted If I Wanted LP - debut LP from eastern PA's king shredding twinkle daddies.

300 clear vinyl
200 black vinyl

1st press (oop): 200 copies on blue vinyl, 200 copies on white vinyl, 200 with screened covers (black vinyl), 100 copies on grey marble w/ screened cover (tour only edition) and 600 copies on black vinyl.
2nd pressing (oop): 100 coke bottle clear, 100 grey marble trash, 50 red, 50 gold w/ LIMITED (ooooooh) screened cover.
3rd (oop): 500 on green vinyl.
4th (oop): 40 pepsi kona, 350 crystal pepsi, 100 lavender, 1 black, and a handful of weird blends.
5th (oop): 500 clear vinyl
6th (oop): 300 opaque green vinyl
7th: 300 opaque gold, 200 opaque red
8th: 200 flourescent pink, 300 opaque blue
9th: 300 clear, 200 black