John Galm - Sky of No Stars LP Vinyl


John Galm seared his way into the consciousness of a generation of emo kids as the singer of Snowing and Street Smart Cyclist before shifting gears dramatically to pursue heavier and weirder projects like Slow Warm Death and The Beds. One can't help but expect big things in the future for John, but the present is all about his first proper solo album, Sky of No Stars, a deeply introspective and almost entirely acoustic eight-song meditation on mortality and loss. It’s not exactly kid’s birthday party material, but Sky of No Stars is thoughtful, moving, and beautifully rendered. For fans interested in the overall arc and trajectory of John Galm’s songwriting, it’s indispensable. Released late last year as a cassette on Broken World Media, Sky of No Stars is now available on vinyl thanks to Galm’s longtime friends at Square of Opposition. The Pennsylvania-based label is serving up a 500-copy first pressing of this soon-to-be cult favorite.

Color vinyl will go on a first come first served basis.