Snowing - That Time I Sat in a Pile of Chocolate: A Retrospective All


This 12" collects pretty much everything the band did that wasn't on their proper LP, "I Could Do Whatever I Wanted if I Wanted", all remastered by Dave Eck of Lucky Lacquers.
- Fuck Your Emotional Bullshit 7"
- the original recording of Pump Fake
- 2 song tour tape
- early version of "You Bring Something...No" from the Ticklebutt records tape compilation
- Pump Fake/Scherbatsky 7"
- Big Weed from the 4-way split w/ Algernon, 1994!, and Boys n Sex

** First press of 450 on black vinyl (sold out in preorder). Included free shirt.
** Second press of 500 on black vinyl. No more free shirts (sorry).
** Third pres of 500 on black vinyl. Alternate center labels. Still no more free shirts.